Learning functional programming could be a very dauting task. Not because it is an inherently difficult subject, but because it requires unlearning and forming new mental models.

This unlearning is needed because, most developers attempting to learn functional programming do so after years of experience using non functional languages (mostly object oriented languages).

I can teach anyone how to program in Haskell in a day, but if they know C or C++, it’ll take me a week

– Edward Kmett on Quora

School of FP seeks to make learning functional programming less dauting. We do this by not only providing accessible training contents, but by also helping developers become aware and confront their pre-concieved notation that might be standing in their way of appreciating functional programming concepts.

We will be providing paid workshops and learning contents to help with this. We are currently working on getting things ready. If you want to be notified when we go live, please do drop your emails here